What is Ars-Techne?


The name of the site, Ars-Techne, is the union of two words, the first from the Latin language, Ars, and the second from the Greek language, τέχνη (Techne). Both terms, even though they look different, have a same meaning, Art.

Ars-Techne aspires to be, in a humble way, a web space where to disseminate topics of art history and the design in all its forms, a place of meeting of art and design. Is the design not an artistic manifestation more?

I believe that it is. I am not saying that all design is art, but neither is art all architecture, or all paint, or all sculpture, or all the installations. Sometimes, all these artistics manifestations only pretend to be useful. In this respect, I found a phrase in an article by Paco Román that partly answered my question:

«To do labels for vans. Can be considered art? Michelangelo does not painted the Sistine Chapel like a graffiti, it was a simple commercial order: if he was living today, perhaps, they would have ordered him from decorate the mobile-pope.» 1

Related to the above, appears on one of the pages of this space a brief work with the title Arte, diseño y bits.

  • 1 ROMÁN, Paco. Arte Digital: Columnas del Tercer Milenio, por Paco Román. [en línea]. Macuarium: Arte Digital. [3 marzo 2003]. [Consulta: 20 enero 2004]. Disponible en: <http://www.macuarium.com/actual/opinion/2003/03/03_arte.shtml>.

I invite anyone who wishes to send their articles, notes or links related to the art history or the design, to contact with Ars-Techne. All contributions will be reviewed and in his case published in this space with the corresponding credits. In any case, any contribution that violates intellectual property laws don't will be published.

«If the Internet democratizes the knowledge, one day it will be considered as revolutionary as once the Gutenberg printing was.»
Enrique F. de la Calle

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