In this section you can currently find three short articles; however, I hope to place soon other articles related to the design and the art history.

I invite anyone who wishes to send their articles, notes or links related to the art history or the design, to contact with Ars-Techne. All contributions will be reviewed and in his case published in this space with the corresponding credits. In any case, any contribution that violates intellectual property laws don't will be published.

Art, Design
and Bits

¿Arte... Diseño?

Art, Design and Bits is a brief work that makes questions about the relations between the art, the design and the new graphic technologies. The text has numerous quotes from professionals that reflects about the topic.

The Promoters of the Valencian Gothic Art

Retablo fray Bonifacio Ferrer

With the title The Promoters of the Valencian Gothic Art, there appears a brief vision of the role of the promoters and of the artists in this stage of the Valencian Art.

Contributions of the Valencian Artistic Gardening

Plano Palacio Real de Valencia, 1802

Contributions of the Valencian Artistic Gardening performed a small tour through the history in order to show which have been such contributions.

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